PSS TRIO supports people in Wales with dementia to live their lives to the fullest

TRIO is a unique care service for anyone living in North Wales who is living with dementia and needs a bit of support getting out and about and enjoying life.

Rather than the usual one-to-one relationship an adult with dementia would have with a carer, with TRIO, two (or sometimes three) people with dementia are paired up based on similar interests, their personalities and what they enjoy doing most. They’re then matched with one of our specially-trained Shared Lives carers, or, as we call them in our TRIO service, ‘companions’, who’ll meet with them and find out what they enjoy doing most.

The companion will then support the people using the service to live their lives to the full, whether that’s supporting them to get out there and go shopping, to the bingo hall, to the cinema, to different community groups or whether it’s about inviting them round to their house for a cup of tea and a chin wag, to watch some movies on telly or crack that fiddly jigsaw together. As well as giving them an enjoyable experience, it also gives that person’s full-time carer a little break.

What are the benefits of TRIO?

  • TRIO is cost-effective. By pairing two (or three) people who are using the service up, the care package is much more cost-effective than others like it, and utilises our carers’ expertise and time more productively for people using the service.
  • Getting to know other people like them who are facing the same obstacles in life can help people with dementia to:
  • better cope with and understand their illness;
  • stay active and enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits from interacting with others; and
  • make lasting friendships.
  • TRIO reduces social isolation through lots of social interaction.
  • TRIO supports citizens to remain independent and keep on enjoying their lives in the best way they can.

Success stories

David’s story

David is an older gentleman from Wales who lives with his wife Bet, and has a diagnosis of dementia. He requires frequent prompts for toileting and requires assistance at times, but he is able to make choices of his own with time and encouragement.

In his spare time he enjoys getting out and about, visiting new places and he really likes cars – although Bet isn’t so keen! David was introduced to the TRIO service in Wales and was matched with a TRIO companion called Alf who, like David, is also very passionate about cars, new or old. During the time they have been out and about they’ve visited lots of different places, including the Jaguar garage, which David and Alf both thoroughly enjoyed. They have also had a day out in Chester, travelled on the Great Orme Tramway in Betws y Coed and visited the Welsh food centre at Bodnant.

Since starting with TRIO, David has come to really appreciate the social contact with Alf that he didn’t have before. David said ‘it’s great just to talk about men’s stuff like cars and boats. I really enjoy spending time with Alf – we get on great and have a really good time.’ David’s wife Bet is also thrilled with the service and acknowledged that not only does it help David, but also supports her to continue her caring role. In Bet’s words: ‘I’m very pleased with the pace and quality at which the service has been put in place. It was really useful to have the opportunity to meet up and speak in depth with Alf who has shown great patience and understanding in enabling us to put the right sort of support in for David. This will provide much needed respite for myself and enable me to participate in some of my hobbies. I feel more than confident that Alf will provide my husband with a good quality of care and support. I have also noticed that when David comes home, he tries to remember and talk about what they have done that day and doesn’t just nod off in the chair. For me it gives surety that he is happy to be where he is and I get relief from the guilt I feel.’

Making a referral to TRIO

 We accept referrals from:

  • Community psychiatric nurses
  • GPs
  • Memory clinics
  • Social services
  • NHS professionals

To make a referral, please contact our team in Wales: