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Policies and Procedures​

To ensure the smooth running of PSS we have a number of policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our employed and self employed workers, as well as our volunteers and the people we help.

As our work involves regular contact with vulnerable people, it is vital that we have policies and procedures in place which ensure that employees and volunteers are able to deal with situations which may arise while they are caring or supporting the people who use our services.

Our employees follow strict health and safety guidelines, to ensure that people using our services are safe. PSS employees attend training courses which are relevant to their roles, in order to help them to expand their knowledge and skills, thus enabling them to work more effectively with the people they care for and support.

Diversity, Dignity, and Equality

At PSS we recognise and embrace the value of diversity, dignity and equality in our organisation. This gives us a stronger platform on which to build and deliver services to different groups in our communities.