Learning and development

If you’re someone who loves to soak in knowledge like a big sponge, you’re looking in the right place.

We’ve got our very own learning and development team (otherwise known as Laura, Sean, Lauren and Lauren… yep, not one, but two Laurens). It’s their job to fill you chock full of all the stuff you need to and want to know to make you feel confident and able to do the best job you possibly can.

What can I learn?

Some of the learning we offer is essential to your role. This is leaning that you absolutely must do to help us keep on top of the latest advancements in our fields and to make sure our knowledge is nice and fresh in our heads.  But thanks to Learning Pool and our fab in-house team, we also have loads of non-essential but really beneficial courses that you can access for free.

Online and face-to-face learning

We’ve got a clever (but very easy to use, we promise) system called Learning Pool, which you can log into and do lots of your learning online. You can access Learning Pool from absolutely anywhere (even on your mobile phone) so you can learn in the office, in the place you work in or at home; it’s brilliant.

Our team also run training courses that you can come along to in person. That’s great, because not only will you learn lots of new things, but you’ll also get to meet other PSS people doing a similar (or very different) job to you

It’s not all formal training

We’re firm believers in the 70-20-10 approach to learning at work. What’s that? Well, it means that 70% of your learning at work is based on experience and what you learn on the job, 20% of it comes from talking to other PSS people, and 10% comes from formal training.

That’s why we offer ways to learn things as you go, so you don’t have to rely on the traditional methods of learning.


We’ve trained up a team of our most experienced PSS people to provide coaching for others in the organisation. Another way we’re helping our teams reach their full potential.

We actively encourage our managers to use a coaching style, and all staff to learn through coaching conversations with each other. We’re all here to support each other to be the best we can be.

You can choose what it is you want to learn about and go for it!

Brilliant learning and development opportunities are just one of our staff perks.