Volunteer with PSS

Here at PSS, our volunteers mean the world to us and we’re chuffed to bits that they spend their valuable time and energy with us. Their huge hearts, kindness and dedication help us to do the best job for the people we support, and help our organisation stick around into the future.

PSS was built by volunteers back in 1919, and we’ve still got an amazing team of volunteers to this day.

What do our volunteers do?

Whether you’re volunteering directly with the people who use our services or behind the scenes in one of our offices, as one of our volunteers, your time and talent will go towards supporting other people to feel happier, healthier, and live their best lives. 

Our volunteers do a huge variety of things – from using their experiences to support others going through the same things (as peer supporters in our Wellbeing Centres), to helping us interview and choose people to become our next Shared Lives carers, through to helping greet new visitors to our head office in Liverpool and giving us a hand with events.

Some of our volunteers work online only, some of them come to one of our offices or centres and work alongside us in person.

Why should I become a PSS volunteer?

  • Make new friends
  • Build your confidence
  • Learn loads of new skills
  • Develop your expertise
  • Make a big difference in the lives of others
  • Become part of our amazing volunteer community
  • Shape what we do and how we do it
  • Get access to Charity Worker discounts
  • Be part of an organisation that really cares about its people, our planet and the people it supports.

Volunteer roles at PSS

We have lots of different vacancies for volunteers and they change all the time.

Right now we have these volunteering roles on offer:

  • Front of house volunteer at our head office, Eleanor Rathbone House 
  • Allotment volunteer at Newby House 
  • Shared Lives panel volunteer (you’ll help us find more amazing Shared Lives carers by being on our interview panel) 
  • Shared Lives expert by experience (you’ll be someone who is part of our Shared Lives service, and as we like to say, an expert) 
  • Pamper room volunteer at Making Days 
  • Maintenance superstar at our head office, Eleanor Rathbone House 
  • Recycling superstar at our head office, Eleanor Rathbone House 
  • Peer-supporter in our Wellbeing Centres 
  • Shared Lives carer champion 
  • Shared Lives events coordinator 

Who can volunteer at PSS? 

All different people from all walks of life volunteer at PSS. We love the variety of people who kindly give us their time, energy, and expertise. 

All you need is some spare time, a big heart, an open mind, a genuine personality, determination and professionalism.

We welcome everyone through our doors with a big smile, a warm welcome, and the chance to make a difference. 

Want to volunteer at PSS?

Get in touch with our volunteer coordinators Lee and Abi for more information about volunteering. You can contact them at: volunteers@pss.org.uk.