Life at PSS

The atmosphere

A big part of why so many people love working at PSS is undoubtedly our lovely culture and our positive atmosphere.

When people come and visit one of our offices up and down the country, they’re often heard talking about how friendly, open and welcoming PSS people are – and it’s true. We’re a load of positive, hard-working people who are all here for the right reason – to help make lives better – and that shines through when you meet us.

The culture and our values

Like the general human population, PSS folk are all terrifically different – and that’s what we love. However, everyone at PSS is here because we all have five things in common:

  • We’re big-hearted
  • We’re open-minded
  • We’re determined
  • We’re professional
  • We’re genuine

Each month at PSS, your success is measured not only on the great job you’re doing, but also how you’re demonstrating these values.

Ah, you see – our values aren’t just something we stick on our website to look all prim and proper and then forget all about! Oh no.

We actually measure our people based on how and why they do stuff, not just the stuff they do – and that’s one of the things we all love most about working here.

Your manager will want to know about that coffee you bought your colleague, that time you swapped your shift so someone could visit their nan or that time, even though it was hard, you just had to challenge the status quo.

That’s why we take your personality – and your personal values – into account when we recruit. If your values meet ours, we know you’ll fit right in just being who you are.

If you’re not someone who likes the sound of nice, wholesome stuff that encourages you to dig deep, we’re perhaps not the place for you. We know how to have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re serious about doing things right.

On the point of not taking ourselves too seriously…

The people we support and our amazing team took part in this low-budget masterpiece to mark the end of our 100th birthday year. It takes people through some of the biggest pop culture and historical moments over the last century (and for the record, we did this before Tesco did). It’s as brilliant as it is ridiculous – and nobody was too senior or too clever to take part (our chief exec was Baby Spice and our three directors were the remaining post-Geri Spice Girls… says it all, really). This was played at our end of year celebrations and went down an absolute treat: our comms team kept the whole thing a secret from start to finish. Safe to say there were some big laughs.

Our Liverpool head office

PSS HQ is in the place where PSS was born and bred: Liverpool. And as you might already know, Liverpool is boss. It’s a super vibrant, happy and friendly city where people look out for each other – and we like to think that mirrors our culture, too.

We’ve got a snazzy office in the Sandhills area, just about three miles outside of Liverpool city centre and round the corner (literally) from Sandhills station. We’ve got loads of free parking and a nice hot drink waiting for you.

Our office is home to lots of PSS teams, including all of North-West based services and all of our lovely central services folks: our finance, people and culture, communications, learning and development and quality and compliance teams.

We’ve also got lots of other offices around the UK that are dedicated to running our Shared Lives service in those areas.

Our leaders

We’ve got a cracking management team at PSS who are clear, kind and fair.

We’re not the type of organisation where you’re not allowed to challenge – in fact, we’re all about open-mindedness and having the creativity to come up with fresh ways of doing things; we encourage everyone to have the bravery to put those ideas forward.

Our leaders are experts in their field and encourage everyone to learn as much and as widely as they can. There’s no such thing as a silly idea and they have their eyes, ears and office doors (if they’re not sat in and amongst their teams, that is) open.

Like the sound of life at PSS? Join us! Check out our latest jobs.