What we do

We’re a social enterprise that supports people to live happy, healthy and hopeful lives, whether they’re:

• adults who have learning or physical disabilities, challenges with their mental health or difficulties as they’re getting older;

• people in and around the criminal justice system; or

• families who’ve been through unsteady times.

No-matter who you are or where your life has taken you, we’ll listen, understand and find a way to help you reach your goals.

With us, you can

Our world revolves around you. How you’re supported is your choice, and we promise to always respect that. We’ll never judge you, we’ll always listen and we’ll give you as much or as little support as you want or need from us – it’s up to you.

We want you to be as independent as possible, so we’ll do everything we can to help you see your own potential, get out there and live your life your way, no-matter what it throws at you.

High quality services

The quality of what we do is so, so important to us – in fact, we’ve got a team of people dedicated to it.  We’re really proud of the top-notch services we provide. When you ask our teams why they want to give such a wonderful service, you’ll quite often hear them say ‘I’d want this kind of service’, or ‘This is the service I’d want for my mum.’ And that’s the way we look at things.

For us, quality is about giving people support that touches their lives and gives them that bit of a helping hand when they need it most, without taking away their independence. We provide the standard of services we’d want ourselves or our families to receive if we needed some support.

Finding new ways to help all the time

We don’t wait around for other people to find ways to help, we create them ourselves, just as we’ve done for the last 100 years. We’re big on innovation at PSS and, in the words of our hometown faves, The Beatles, ‘it’s getting better all the time’.

What’s the plan?

The Big Plan happens to be the name of our six-year strategy because, well, it’s a big plan of what we want to do by 2026 (why call it anything else?). Our Big Plan is a result of lots of great ideas thought up by our team members  and the people we support – and we’re going to work together to make it happen. For us it’s not just achieving our goals that’s important, it’s how we achieve them too – it’s about weaving that golden thread of PSS values through everything we do. Want to know what we’re aiming for? Read our PSS Big Plan 2020 – 2026.

Let’s keep it simple

We’re a down-to-earth bunch here and we like to keep things as simple as possible. If we’ve done a good job, if you think we could improve or if you have any questions at all, just tell us.