Growing Together

What is Growing Together? 

PSS Growing Together is a therapeutic service focused on helping parents and carers develop strong and healthy relationships with their babies; keeping them safe, helping them enjoy life together and forming positive bonds.  

How does PSS Growing Together support people? 

Growing Together is a low-intervention service working with parents/carers living in Speke, Garston, Aintree and Fazakerley to form closer connections with their babies during the first two years of their development. People are supported by our skilled and experienced team within their local communities.  

How can PSS Growing Together benefit parents and carers?

The Growing Together service supports parents/carers and their babies with any areas for development in their family. The team supports and empowers people to:

  • develop their confidence as a parent; 
  • understand and manage theirs and their family’s mental health and wellbeing; 
  • to access parenting groups in their local community if they want to, to build new friendships and connections and overcome any feelings of isolation or loneliness; and 
  • to understand their baby’s emotions, communication and behaviours better. 

How do we assess what type of support families need? 

We use something called keys to interactive parenting (KIPS) to make our assessments and to support parents. By filming how a parent or carer interacts with their baby, we can watch for 12 key facets of parenting. We then use our observations to work in partnership with families to promote parent and baby relationships, develop learning and support confidence. 

KIPS helps us to: 

  • understand and build on the positive behaviours a parent shows which can bring balance to the ‘problems’ a child/parent might be getting help for;
  • provide a framework to work from in identifying relational goals; and
  • find ways to support a parent in being more responsive to their child.

Making a referral to PSS Growing Together  

 To make a referral, please get in touch with our team. 

Call: 0151 702 5535