We will be around for future generations.

One of the themes of the Big Plan is “we will be around for future generations” and a key objective in this theme is around IT. Our Midlands team have really embraced the changes we’ve made to IT, over the last couple of months and now have a paperless office.

There are many advantages to this change – savings in paper, time and duplication. But here’s an advantage they weren’t expecting….. Hollie Taylor from the Midlands team, has been working with one of our service users for the last two years. He is quite an anxious person and he does not like to have meetings with “professionals” especially when they interrupt his normal routine. Over the time Hollie has been working with him, she has found it quite difficult to build a positive relationship as he has seen her as another professional ‘poking her nose in my life’ but that’s all changed! Hollie met the man this week. When she arrived at his house she showed him her new Surface Pro laptop, explaining that it was her new gadget to work from to make things run smoother when she does her visits.

He was really impressed with it and asked if he could have a look. Hollie is lucky if her meetings with this man last an hour. This visit lasted more than two hours. In that time he mastered the Surface Pro, but he also talked to Hollie about all sorts of issues. As Hollie says “after almost 2 years of working on interaction and engagement with this individual, including the small things like even just making eye contact, who knew that it would only need a Surface Pro to achieve all of this!”