Susan’s new home with Supported Living

Susan is a lady in her 50s with a moderate leaning disability. She has lived all her life in the family home supported by her parents. Both her Mum and Dad are in their 80s and were starting to struggle to meet her needs.

Working with the social worker, Susan and her family viewed several supported living properties but were very apprehensive about her leaving home and being able to cope with independent living. However, after viewing a PSS property they all agreed that this was the best option. They all felt that the house was very homely, the staff very professional and caring and that this could be a home for Susan. Initially she visited several times, coming for dinner with the other people living in the property and this then built up to an overnight stay. Susan then signed a tenancy agreement with the service.

Admittedly there were difficulties in settling in; but Susan now considers PSS home and gives lots of praise. She has been on holiday and now has a busy schedule supported by the staff. Susan’s parents are very grateful for the support that she has had with PSS and they feel safe in the knowledge that Susan is well supported if anything were to happen to them.