Elaine finds freedom through our hospital DV service

Elaine was referred to the Ruby project, although she stated that she did not feel she was suffering abuse. Elaine’s cultural background and the fact that she was married meant that she did not think that what she was experiencing was domestic abuse. Elaine stated she was scared on a daily basis, worried that her husband would take her children back to her country of origin and concerned that she would lose her job. In reality was experiencing sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuse over a period of 12 years. The project worked with Elaine to create a safety plan and secured emergency accommodation whilst securing an order to get Elaine’s husband to leave the family home.

The police were informed of the situation and placed a TAU marker on the home in case of further incidents, and an alert was placed on the children’s passports to prevent them from leaving the country. The outcome was that Elaine continues to work and provide for her family, whilst instigating divorce proceedings against her husband. She and her children have returned to the family home and there is a non-molestation order in force against her husband. Following an assessment, children’s services were happy with the actions Elaine has taken and thanks to becoming aware of what she was experiencing and the support available – Elaine is now living a life free from abuse.

What Elaine days:“Thanks to the project, I have now begun to live my life. I knew it was wrong – but I didn’t recognise that it was abuse. I felt like my life was on hold and I had no control over anything. I am so grateful now I have my life back and my children are safe”.