How we support positive mental health and wellbeing

Everyone has mental health and just like our physical health, everyone needs support to stay mentally healthy from time to time. Here at PSS, we’re proud to say that supporting people with their mental health weaves its way through almost every service we offer.

How we can support you with your mental health

Support for your wellbeing

If you need some support with anxiety, depression and emotional distress and you’re based in Liverpool, our Wellbeing Centres provide a safe place to go along to. Here you can find new ways to cope better and feel happier, healthier and less pressured by daily life. We’ve also just opened a fantastic new place in Garston called Dutch Barn, which, based on an urban farm, allows people to feel the therapeutic benefits of being closer to nature.

Support for new and expectant mums

If you’re a new mother or you’re currently pregnant and you’re suffering with feelings of depression or anxiety, or struggling to form a bond with your baby, our Parent and Baby Wellness service could support you to feel better through group and one-to-one sessions.

Support for refugees and asylum-seekers

If you were born outside the UK and have experienced or seen human rights abuse, Spinning World could help. It supports you to cope with the traumatic experiences you’ve been through and to settle into your new home.

Support for primary school children

Seedlings offers a psychological assessment and support service for primary school children who are showing signs of mental health problems. Whether they’re struggling to concentrate at school, feeling sad because of problems at home, struggling to adapt after moving from another country  or feeling unhappy and don’t understand why, we can provide a service where they can talk to someone at school.

Everyday mental health suppport

If you’re over 16, and suffer with your mental health at home, you may feel more comfortable living with someone who can support you. With Shared Lives you can live with a carer who gives you as much or as little support as you want and need and is there to talk to when you need them.

Supported Living

Supported Living is also an option for people with mental health difficulties who would feel safer and happier living in a home with others. You could live in a home with other people like you with your own space; or be supported in your own home by a support worker. Your support worker will be specially trained to help you feel happier and gain ways to cope better with your mental health.

Support as part of your community

Community Support can be for adults with learning disabilities and mental health problems too. As a result of your mental illness, you may not feel up to going out and about on your own. You might need some support to do the things you enjoy, get support from someone specially trained to understand what you’re going through and feel happier.

Support for your whole family

If you’re struggling to cope because of something difficult that your family is going through, Family Impact could help.

If you’re under 16 and you’ve got a parent or loved one who’s in prison or has recently been released from prison, you might be struggling. If you’re feeling unhappy, emotional, on your own or confused, you can get support from someone you can trust. They’ll help you to cope with what you’re going through, they’ll understand you and they’ll help you to meet other people going through a similar experience. These kids your age, can help you too.

If you’re an adult who has a child in prison and has grandchildren that you’re now caring for full or part-time, Family Impact: Prisoners Families can support you too. You can get support with your emotions, to cope better with the pressure and, to get practical assistance and advice.

If you’re under 16 and your parent has a problem with alcohol or drugs, Family Impact: Drugs and Alcohol service can support you. You might be feeling upset, confused or unhappy because of what’s happening with your parent. Your life at home might be unsettled and your family might be arguing a lot and not getting on. You can talk to someone at Family Impact who understands what you’re going through and can help you to feel happier and cope better.

If you’re a grandparent whose child has a drug or alcohol misuse problem and you’re a full time or part-time carer for your grandchildren this service can support you too. The team can help with all the emotions you are experiencing, help you to manage these and, cope better with the pressure.

Support for female offenders

If you’re a woman who has committed an offence and you’re struggling to cope with your experiences, to adjust to life outside of prison and to cope with your emotions, Women’s Turnaround can support you. You’ll be able to meet other women who have been through similar experiences and get emotional support to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

To find out more about how each and every one of our services works to support mental health, please give us a call on 0151 702 5555.