Volunteers’ Week – Hope

Today’s spotlight lands on Hope!

Hope’s a volunteer on our front of house team, where she spends her spare time welcoming people into the building, keeping things in order and helping with anything the team needs. She’s also involved with our Shared Lives/Making Days co-production group, where she supports people to have their voices heard. Hope’s a massive advocate, passionate about helping shape how things are done at PSS. She’s also in our sustainability group, which looks at how we can make PSS more environmentally friendly, sustainable and around for future generations – it’s an important group! 

Light, camera, action!

Not afraid to step in front of the camera, Hope has been so generous in sharing her story with the comms team and giving them permission to share it to show other people the huge positive impact Shared Lives can have on someone’s life. She’s also done lots of other filming projects and is a dream to work with. Her honesty and openness is a total breath of fresh air. The ability to tell it exactly like it is, no messing around, is the thing that wakes people up to the important messages Hope wants them to hear. Her sense of social justice is so strong and she’s passionate about making the world more inclusive for everyone. She stands up for what she believes in, and her actions reflect how genuine she is in everything she does.    

Downing Street calls

Hope is an amazing PSS volunteer and PSS Shared Lives ambassador. She’s also part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group and has been to number 10 Downing Street to hand in a petition for the My Vote My Voice campaign. A campaign which was all about raising awareness about how inaccessible voting can be, particularly for people with learning disabilities.    

Hope you’re such an inspiration, and we’re so proud to have you on our team.