Swap Shop success

Here at PSS, we want to make sure we take care of the world around us, just like we take care of the people we support. We’ve got a Planet Pledge that says we’re going to do all we can do make sure we’re doing our bit for the environment, and to make our work as sustainable as possible.

We heard that the fashion industry has one of the most negative impacts on our climate, and getting just nine months’ more wear out of our clothes can reduce our carbon footprint by 20 – 30% each (according to WRAP), so we decided to do our bit to help.
Our PSS sustainability warriors got to work and opened up the PSS Swap Shop at our head office in Liverpool.
It’s simple: PSS people bring in any unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories to the office, we stick them on the rails of our Swap Shop, and if anyone else in our office wants or needs something, they can take it away for free, giving it a new lease of life. Clothes have been swapped by people we support, PSS staff and visitors to Eleanor Rathbone House alike, and it’s come in really handy for a lot of people at a time when the cost of living means brand new, shop-bought clothes aren’t an option. After a bit of time, if clothes haven’t been swapped, we’ll pop them off to a local charity to continue the recycling loop.

Since we opened it this year, visitors to the PSS Swap Shop have recycled a whopping 488 items of clothing, footwear and accessories, and we’ve donated 370 items to charity.
We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s donated something, taken something or just come to have a look – you’re making a difference! And if you’re coming to our head office any time soon, why not come and have a nose?