Margaret’s Shared Lives story

You may recognise Margaret from the Shared Lives video that is on their page,here she reflects on her time working with the service.

First let me say I have been working for adult placements for 12 year and I have enjoyed every day.

I came to work for adult placements after an event I have attended in the village by mere chance, I popped in to the scheme and never looked back.

I went on a training course and also had to go through panel in order to formally be able to be a Shared Lives (at the time Adult Placement) carer.

I am now supporting four service users within a spectrum of varied ages. My service users are people who come from varied backgrounds and therefore they like doing different things, so our days always vary.

Some of them like shopping, garden centres, cooking and learning life-long skills, and some enjoy looking at the ‘’bird tree’’ at Cannock Chace. Eating out at pubs or staying in and me cooking a nice meal at my place. Others enjoy taking craft classes and doing crafts or attending the gym. Whatever activities they prefer doing, I am always willing to find information about what is going on in our area and enable my service users to attend.

Some service users, need to book or attend Doctors, nurses, dentists etc appointments, I will always make myself available for those appointments and be flexible in order to accommodate the service user’s needs, as in life we all have to change sometimes.

Working for adult placement services has also changed my life, I enjoy the working hours and I find it very satisfactory to be and support service users who enjoy my company as much as I enjoy their company which I believe is a cornerstone for a good placement.

I have always felt that I have been fully supported by adult placement services and especially by Shared Lives, there is always someone there to help and provide support and advice when needed and sometimes we all need that extra bit of advice in life.

There is also an out of hour’s service available which I have used and as always there is someone there to pick up the phone and provide advice and support.
Training is always enjoyable and gives me the opportunity to converse with other carers and also ensure that we are up to date with the requirements and demands of our role.