‘It’s time to talk’, by John

For #TimeToTalk day, John – who uses our Wellbeing Centres – wrote us a poem about the importance of talking and not judging.

John’s currently undergoing chemotherapy. Chatting over the phone and expressing himself in poetry, along with the support he receives from the people closest to him and our fantastic team, really helps him to feel more positive and connected.

It’s time to talk

I want to talk about how I feel
It’s good you’re listening, not making a big deal
You’re not judgemental, listening to me
Thank you for listening, that’s the key.

When you listen, you unlock my minds door
To my issues, and much more
What’s that you say? You have issues of your own
Let’s talk about them, there’s no stigma, you are not alone

Your worries and concerns are familiar to me
Shall we carry on with a cup of tea?
You said chamomile tea calms you down
I have heard if you rub it into your forehead it reduces a frown

If you snap an elastic band on your wrist
It distracts your anxiety feeling, but there’s a twist
It doesn’t half hurt, and you may cry out
Even swear words may come from your mouth

You suggested putting lavender oil on my pillow
It will relax you and stop you feeling like a weeping willow
Mindfulness gets good press
It helps your thoughts to be their best

Thanks for taking time to talk
We could carry on and go for a walk
I feel really good, we shared our time
And talked about our thoughts, yours and mine.

By John

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