In loving memory of Andrew Devine

We are deeply saddened to have lost someone who’s been supported by the PSS Supported Living team in Liverpool since 1993. The inspirational Andrew Devine passed away on Tuesday 27 July in hospital. Andrew died from longstanding health complications related to his injuries, caused by the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.  

Andrew’s devastating injuries at Hillsborough meant his brain was deprived of oxygen, resulting in long-term brain damage. A coroner’s inquest in Liverpool this week has ruled he was unlawfully killed as a result of the disaster, confirming him as the 97th Hillsborough victim. When Andrew was first admitted to hospital at 22-years-old he wasn’t expected to survive the day but he has been defying the odds ever since – testament to the determination of him, his devoted family and the difference that brilliant social care can make. Andrew has received a 24-hour care package from PSS for the past 27 years. Our team has been based in his family home and has worked closely with his family to ensure that Andrew was treated with the utmost dignity and care. During this time his incredible story and resilience has touched the hearts of so many.  

Andrew has been supported to lead the fullest life possible, including following his beloved Liverpool Football Club. Jane, the PSS team leader who supported Andrew until the end of his life, describes how Andrew was ‘loved as one of our own’ by the entire team. She describes the ‘privilege and honour’ that our team have felt in knowing him; with some of the team supporting Andrew for over 20 years. Andrew’s dedicated support workers have cherished the praise they’ve received from Andrew’s family this week even whilst they grieve. Liverpool Football Club, who’ve always done an incredible job of celebrating Andrew during his lifetime, have also extended their own thanks to Andrew’s ‘devoted’ family and ‘brilliant’ carers. We’d like to acknowledge the amazing response the club has given to Andrew over the years, particularly in 2019 after the team became European Champions. The tour bus made a special stop off outside Andrew’s home for James Milner to personally show him the trophy – a moment Jane says made the ‘hairs on the back of your neck stand up’. Seeing the players dedicate a 97-second silence to Andrew this week is such a poignant gesture to a wonderful person and passionate Liverpool supporter until the end.  

With the heaviest of hearts, we’re sending so much love and sympathy to Andrew’s amazing family and friends, and the many PSS staff who have supported him through the years. 

It is our intention to decline any requests for further comment as we’ll be respecting the privacy of Andrew’s family during this exceptionally difficult time.