When you’re a new parent or carer living in Liverpool (Parent-Baby Service)

What is our Parent-Baby Service? 

 Becoming a new parent is a life-changing experience that, while it might be lovely, can feel a little bit overwhelming. There’s so much to take in, and sometimes it’s just not how you imagined it to be. You might feel more anxious than usual, feel confusing or difficult emotions, or feel like you’re struggling to adapt to the big changes going on in your life. We get it, and whether you’re pregnant or your baby’s already been born, our Parent-Baby Service is here to help you navigate your thoughts and feelings as a new parent.  

 Ways we can support you

We’re here to give you free, non-judgmental support with whatever you’re thinking or feeling about being a parent. 

We’ll support you to: 

  • Address any little worries you might have, so they don’t become bigger ones 
  • Become more ‘in tune’ with your baby 
  • Build a positive, lasting bond with your baby 
  • Become more confident with your baby 
  • Cope with a difficult birth or pregnancy, or if your baby was conceived in difficult circumstances 
  • Understand any confusing feelings you might be having 
  • Grow into your role as a parent 
  • Look after yours and your baby’s wellbeing 

 How will I be supported? 

We’ll support you in a way that suits you. We can offer you the chance to come along to one of our groups where you can meet other parents who are going through similar things, or we can give you 1:1 support.  

Who can get support? 

Our friendly team are here to support you and your family from the time your baby’s conceived, right up until your child is two. All you need is to be based in Liverpool. 

 How to get support 

 To find out more have a chat with our team about how we can support you (there’ll be no pressure to sign up if you don’t want to). 

Call: 0151 702 5535 

Email: parentandbaby@pss.org.uk 

To self-refer, please complete the Parent and Baby Service Referral Form and email it to parentandbaby@pss.org.uk.