It’s the Annual Survey 2019

Tell us how we’re doing and you could win £25

If you’re supported by one of our PSS services across the UK it’s time to complete our annual survey to let us know what’s working for you, what we could be doing better and what you’d like things to look like in the future.

You’ve got until Friday 10th January to complete the survey.

This year we’ve done things a little bit differently with the survey and we hope this makes things easier for you to have your say…

It’s been designed by you

This year our quality team sat down with lots of you to find out what you’d like the survey to look like. The feedback you gave in your groups has helped them to spruce up the survey, to make things more accessible and make everything simpler to understand. So, thanks for your help!

We’re saving some trees

Another big change with the survey this year is that we’ve done our best to reduce the number of printed paper versions we use to complete it. So, it’s now easier to complete the survey online.

There’s different ways to complete it

When it comes to completing the survey, you said you’d prefer different ways of doing this. So now there’s a few different options to filling out the survey, whether that’s online, with some support or in a group setting.

How to complete the survey

Complete the survey online

You can answer all the survey questions online from your phone/tablet/laptop/computer by clicking one of the links below. Just select the link that best describes you.

I’m an adult that gets support from PSS

I’m a child or young person that gets support from PSS

I volunteer at PSS

I’m a Shared Lives carer

I’m a parent/ carer or guardian of someone supported by PSS

Complete the survey on paper

If you need some support completing the survey and reading the survey questions we have an easy-read paper version. This has larger print and also some pictures in it to make things even simpler to understand.

Ask a member of staff if they have a printed version for you to complete. If they don’t, you can download and print a version for adults or for children by clicking one of the links below:

Annual survey easy read for adults

Annual survey easy read for children

Complete the survey in a group

If you’d like to complete the survey as part of a group your service will be providing focus group sessions where you talk about the survey and your responses in a group of four to eight people. This way you can get some more support with the survey and there will still be the option to give your feedback anonymously, so nobody else in the group will know your answers unless you want them to.

How to enter the prize draw to win £25

There’s a £25 prize draw for anyone who completes the survey and enters the prize draw.

On the last page of your survey you’ll see the full instructions of how to enter your name and be in with a chance of winning. For those completing the survey on paper, we’ll need you to fill out your name on an annual survey ticket for a member of staff to submit into one of our prize draw boxes. Just ask a member of staff to help you with this.

We want to know what you think

However you choose to complete the survey, you have until Friday 10th January 2019 to have your say.

Thanks for taking part and good luck in the prize draw!

How your survey responses last year helped us

Here’s what we did with your service feedback from last year:

Wellbeing Centres – You said, we did

Prisoners’ Families – You said, we did

Family Impact – You said, we did

*We carry out an annual survey to get a snapshot of feedback from everyone each year, however you can give feedback (good or bad) throughout the year by emailing: .