Will’s Shared Lives story

Will is 28 and lives with his Shared Lives carer Julie on the Wirral. He started living with Julie as a child in foster care. When he became an adult he didn’t feel ready to part ways with her, this was his home. So Julie was able to transition into a Shared Lives carer and carry on supporting him as an adult. We call this Shared Lives : Move on Together. When Will got the news from his social worker, he was elated! ‘It was like a Christmas and birthday present all rolled into one!’

Shared Lives is a bit like fostering only it’s for adults, adults who want the freedom and independence to lead their life their way. By living with a Shared Lives carer in their home they are able to navigate life with their carer and get as much or as little support as they want and need.

And not many people live a more active life than Will! His schedule is chock-a-block. He’s a champion pool player, he loves learning at college, he’s volunteered at a local hospital and he’s currently looking for full-time employment on top of joining our squad of PSS volunteers who deliver our PSS induction to new staff. Will’s super keen to share the benefits of Shared Lives with others and help them to see how it could change their lives for the better.

He may have a jam packed diary but he always makes room to spend time with his carer and his family; Julie fosters some children who’ve become Will’s family. He enjoys holidaying in his caravan with his Shared Lives siblings, pub teas and a good old movie night. That’s the real essence of Shared Lives – the feeling of family for everyone.

If you’re interested in Shared Lives for you or a family member or want to become a carer visit: makeyourself.org.uk