We’re recruiting support workers in Liverpool

Make someone’s day – join our Making Days team

We’re recruiting support workers in Liverpool now

What’s Making Days all about?

The people who use our services want to make a big contribution to the world we live in. They want to take on roles in the wider community, lead change and influence; and our wonderful support workers help them to do just that in our day centres, local hubs and out and about.

What’s in it for me?

As well as the endless job satisfaction of watching someone grow, you’ll get:

  • Contracted hours – up to 37 a week
  • 28 days holiday, including bank holidays
  • Access to leisure and lifestyle discounts
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Loads of support with your wellbeing, like free online yoga and meditation classes weekly and a whole host of wellbeing courses
  • Support from our Employee Assistance Programme – 24/7 free, confidential access to counselling, legal advice, financial advice and lots more
  • Optional healthcare/ pension scheme
  • Free DBS check

Join a family-feel team

Lots of our support workers say that working as a support worker feels more like working for family. You join a team who support you like your family and build special bonds with the people we support that makes work so much more than just a job.

Make people’s lives better every day

What could be more rewarding than not only making someone’s day but seeing their lives transformed, their confidence soar and their happiness grow day by day? As a support worker you’ll create support plans around a person and their  unique needs, you’ll work on goals together and you’ll make people’s lives better.

We’ll look after your wellbeing

Our support workers are amazing people who give so much to the people we support and our motto is always that you can’t pour from an empty cup. This means we look after our staff, we make work as flexible as possible around their lifestyles and needs and we coach our managers to be super supportive and person-centred. Joining our team you get access to an employee assistance programme for confidential mental health support and advice as well as lots of wellbeing perks. This is on top of joining a team that really care about you and how you’re doing

Support work is a fun job that’s different every day

As a support worker you have lots of responsibility for the people you support but there’s also plenty of opportunities to have fun at work. Fancy a little singalong, a boogie and lots of laughs? Support work could be the gig for you!

We train you up and you can gain new qualifications and skills to help you

Our support workers all get lots of training to help them be the best they can be in their role and beyond. We’re proud to also offer lots of opportunities for staff to gain additional NVQs and to progress into different roles within the PSS family. When we see someone who is really passionate about what they do we always support them to grow and flourish.

Join a values-driven team that’s big-hearted, genuine, open-minded, determined and professional

At PSS our values aren’t just something that are written on a piece of paper, they’re something everyone signs up to and embodies when they work here. It’s great to know you’re joining a team who share the same passion for people and doing things in the right way. Our values are being big-hearted, determined, genuine, open-minded and professional.

What’s it like being a PSS support worker?

Don’t just take our word for it – meet some of our team to tell you more about what the role is like…

Joanne and Sue talk about the support we’ve given them with their wellbeing

Joanne had to shield during the pandemic, and Sue’s been supporting her dad alongside her job. Here they take about how they felt fully supported by their manager and her team.

James worked in a bar before – now he loves his job as a support worker

James previously worked in a bar from the age of 16. During the pandemic he decided to go into care work, being someone with a caring nature anyway. He enjoyed his role in a care home but found the hours difficult. As a Making Days support worker he gets more time to chill; working 9-5 hours. He’s learnt so much whilst on the job and – most of all – he’s relished the opportunity to build amazing relationships with his team and the people he supports.

Julie loved being a support worker here so much – she came back!

A qualified beautician and former shop-worker, Julie, has been gracing PSS with her presence for the past six years. She had a little gap in between but came rushing back and was welcomed with open arms. Julie realised this was the gig for her when she supported two young men every Tuesday to do their shopping whilst working at Asda. She loves having a job that she never dreads getting up for in the morning, somewhere where she can be herself and put her big-hearted nature to excellent use.


Joanne and Sue love how rewarding their job is

Sarah* is just one person who Joanne and Sue have loved seeing come out of her shell. From being too shy and anxious to go out she’s now got tons of friends and simply oozes confidence.


Be part of a cracking team like Frendy, James and Julie

Frendy, James and Julie get on like a house on fire. They say how every day as a support worker is really fun when you’re in a team like theirs who support each other and keep each other smiling.

Support workers live the PSS values

Our support workers live and breathe the PSS values every day. Here Julie, Frendy and James talk about how being big-hearted, open-minded, determined, professional and genuine comes into their jobs every day, and what that means for them:

Learning, developing and flourishing

Julie, James and Frendy talk about learning and development at PSS and how they’re always getting better at what they do:

Want to be a support worker in Merseyside?

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