Trustee Week 6th – 10th November 2023

Thank you to our amazing trustees!

PSS is made up of terrific teammates, incredible Shared Lives carers and our awesome volunteers, and within those volunteers, we have our amazing trustees! This Trustee Week, we’re putting our trustees in the spotlight so that we can share all the ace things they do. Being a trustee at PSS isn’t just about attending board meetings; it’s about being a part of our team, our culture and our commitment to supporting the people who use our services.   

So, what does a trustee do?  

Sharing their skills, knowledge and expertise

Our trustees bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table. Hailing from lots of different backgrounds, they all bring a wealth of knowledge and oodles of experience across lots of different sectors. Our trustees help us set goals, monitor progress, and make sure that we’re staying true to our values and meeting the needs of the people we support.   

 Guardians of governance   

The main role of a trustee is to make sure that everything we do is tiptop and above aboard, that means doing things like making sure that we’re working to legal and ethical standards and acting as guardians of governance. They make sure that we’re accountable and compliant with regulations, whilst also supporting us with decision-making, risk management and safeguarding our assets and reputation.   

Advocates for impact and change  

Our trustees aren’t just passive overseers – oh no, our Board is made up of thinkers and doers! They’re advocates for impact and change. They support our initiatives or help us think of new ways we can understand the challenges faced by the communities and the individuals we support. 

Commitment beyond meetings  

The commitment from our trustees goes way, way beyond the confines of board meetings. It’s their job to understand what we’re doing across the whole organisation, get involved in events, meet with the people we support, meet with staff and carers and immerse themselves in life at PSS. Being involved at all levels means they can steer our Board in the right direction and make sure we’re putting the people PSS supports at the heart of everything we do.


Why do our trustees love volunteering at PSS? 


Want to know who are trustees are? 

You can find out more about our trustees by looking at our leaders page.

Thank you   

This Trustee Week has been all about recognising the amazing work that our trustees do, and saying a big bloomin’ well done to our Board. Not only are they all-round good eggs, but they work really hard to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many.