The Pride of PSS

Has someone at PSS gone that extra mile to support you or your family?

Nominate them for our Pride of PSS Award by Friday 30 August 2019.

If someone you know at PSS has really helped you out, always makes your day or is extra good at their job, we want you to tell us all about it. This year, we’ve introduced a brand new award for our staff called the Pride of PSS Award, and you get to nominate who you think should win it.

Our values

At PSS, we live by a set of five values that guide everything that we do. These help us to provide the best support possible and be the best version of ourselves – whether we’re working directly with the people who use our services or behind the scenes in one of our regional offices. We take our values very seriously and live by them day by day.

Our values are: genuine, big-hearted, open-minded, determined and professional. Because our values are so important to us, at the end of every year we recognise those staff who embody these values through and through. We have an annual awards ceremony called the Big Awards, where we can nominate our stand-out colleagues to win an award in one of these five categories.

Because there are so many brilliant all-rounders at PSS, we’ve introduced a brand new award to say thank you to that PSS person who lives all of our values.

The Pride of PSS Award

This is an award for an exemplary member of staff, somebody who has demonstrated all of our values in 2019. The PSS cream of the crop.
We’re opening out nominations for this new award to the people who use our services, our supporters and friends of PSS as well as PSS staff. The people who use our services drive what we do, and you know what great support, real passion and excellent service looks like. We know you’re some of the best people to tell us first hand which staff have really outdone themselves.

How to nominate

We want to hear from you who those awesome staff members are. This could be anyone who works at PSS – whether it’s someone who works in our offices or someone who has supported you directly.

To nominate someone for a Pride of PSS Award, record a 90-second clip of you talking about the reasons why you’ve chosen this member of staff and why they’re so great at doing their job. If you get stuck, just tell us how this person has made your life easier.

Or, if you’re camera shy, you can write your nomination in 500 words or less.

Send these nominations to by Friday 30th August or send them in via text or WhatsApp to 07971704058.

The winner will be decided by our Board of Trustees and announced at our ceremony on 6 December 2019.