Pam Doyle shortlisted for leadership award at Northern Enterprise Awards

Critical to a successful business is strong leadership. This award recognizes successful leaders who have either achieved growth through changed business behavior or successfully lobbied or campaigned on an issue which has brought about positive change.

‘Pam has worked for PSS for over 10 years and you might think that that sort of timescale would result in someone losing their passion or momentum in their work. Not with Pam, having been promoted to Head of Service for our Adult Services in 2014 Pam has taken them to a new level, guiding the team to take tremendous pride in what they do, develop themselves and give our service users the opportunities they deserve. The team want the best for people, they want our values lived and they show great pride in their work for PSS.

All of this is down to Pam’s championing of PSS core mission and values, showing strong commitment to having the right people on the bus (and making some very difficult decisions in the process) and using her strong understanding of people to help get some very deserving individuals promoted through the ranks and to provide strong operational support to bring in some fantastic new pieces of work.

Since Pam has been in post we have won a huge social investment piece of work in Manchester around Shared Lives, something Pam was willing to throw herself into. Pam’s can do attitude meant we didn’t sit and worry because we hadn’t done it before, but we assessed the risks and focused positively on how we could work with our social investors and the council to make it a success. Pam took the new Manchester team on this journey, keeping their spirits high during some really challenging periods of early setup. Last year we won the contract to deliver Liverpool’s Adult Day Centres. Within a matter of weeks Pam recruited over 70 staff and the values of those individuals have shone through.

She’s led people through the principles of ‘Lead Like Mary’, a leadership programme which she has had all her Team Leaders educated on and she has mentored junior members of staff to encourage their self-belief about going for new roles in the organisation. Last but by no means least Pam’s ability to model behaviour is second to none and our adult services teams across the North West are showing a passion, drive and excitement for the future that in all honesty had started to flag as the cuts started to take hold. The team now see the opportunities in the funding restrictions and not just the threats.’