Our culture is award-winning

At PSS, we know our culture is super special. It’s what people tell us they love about working here, and it’s what people notice when they come and visit us. Last night we were so chuffed to have the big Coaching Culture seal of approval by being awarded two ace awards at the Coaching Cultures Awards ceremony in Nottingham.

We won the HR Team of The Year Award and then went on to scoop the biggie, The Best Coaching Culture Award!

Coaching is a big part of how we learn, develop and grow as people and as professionals. It helps keep us on top of our game, and people from all different roles from right across the organisation have coaching as a regular part of their month, including most of our managers and senior leaders. For us it’s got nothing to do with managing performance when people aren’t doing so well – we think everyone in our team has oodles of potential and room to grow, so we offer it to all our staff. This year, the people who we’ve coached at PSS told us their confidence has been raised from an average of 54% to 99% – how amazing is that?

We’ve trained up a fab team of PSS managers who coach others alongside their usual day jobs, and they do a fantastic job of supporting people to get better and better. And, of course, with coaches at the helm of lots of our teams, including two out of three of our directors, coaching is built into how our teams are managed. The judges saw how our leaders are genuine, treat people like human beings and build trust with their teams.

Of course, all this is with huge thanks to our fab people and culture (HR) and learning and development teams, who have worked so hard to introduce coaching to PSS – and who always put their heart and soul into making PSS somewhere where people can bring their genuine selves to work, be trusted to do their jobs and be supported to be brilliant. They make sure our teams feel happy, informed and heard, and that supporting our wellbeing at work is a priority.

We’re so proud of who we are, the experience our staff have with us and what our teams achieve – and we couldn’t do it without the best people and culture and learning and development teams in the land by our side.

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