Meet Ellen, our domestic abuse workplace champion. #16Days

Ellen works on our Ruby @ Turnaround team, offering open-minded support to victims of domestic abuse. It’s a role that she loves and she supports so many people to make positive changes in their life.  

Ellen is also the point of contact for any domestic abuse concerns within our PSS people. She provides confidential, professional guidance to anyone who is impacted by domestic abuse. When we asked Ellen about a defining moment in her career in domestic abuse this was something that really stood out to her.  

Here she is explaining what her role as Domestic Abuse Workplace Champion involves. She is so proud to support her colleagues to stay safe, happy and supported. Thank youEllen. 

For domestic abuse support you can contact our Ruby @ Turnaround team on 0800 688 9990. Monday to Friday: 9.00am- 10.00pm and Saturday and Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm.   

Or by texting ‘Ruby’ to 60777.