Making Days South leave the audience wanting more!

On Thursday 16th May, the super-talented Making Days South drama group graced the stage with another show-stopping performance. This year’s spectacular was ‘Oliver’ and the Garston day centre was filled to the rafters for two sell-out performances – a matinee and evening show. Once again, the cast who’d worked super hard all year mastering their lines, perfecting their tip-top dance routines and getting their sweet-sounding sing-alongs just right, didn’t disappoint. Applause could be heard echoing far outside the Bridge Chapel Centre. It’s a dead cert that all the blood, sweat and tears that went into this play really paid off!

The drama group’s been going from strength to strength with every single performance. Our Making Days South team outdid themselves in transforming the stage to a dingy workhouse, a pick-pocket’s lair and the dusty old streets of Dickens’ famous works. The whole cast looked right at home too, kitted out in their Victorian attire. What was perhaps the most inspiring part was the real passion that went into this from the people being supported at Making Days and the fantastic lot working there, along with some special supporters. There were a couple of real tear-jerking ballads, plenty of moments of perfect comedy timing and some awesome one-liners (both scripted and off the cuff) that filled friends, family and theatre lovers with joy.

A big congratulations to the entire cast for finding the confidence to take to the stage and being committed to attending many a rehearsal or two (get it?); to Tracey and Gina Smith for supporting them to be superstars and for accomplishing so much after lots of nail-biting preparation and to everybody who bought a ticket for the show and helped to raise the roof. All the proceeds from this went to a very worthy cause – the Isabella Trust.
We’re now eagerly awaiting the next show! But for now Oliver, Nancy, Dodger, Fagan and the rest of the cast can hang up their long tail coats, flat-caps and refrain from any (pretend) pick-pocketing. You’ve earnt a rest after this gruel-ing but rewarding masterpiece. Bravo!