Physical abuse and hospital support, Jenny’s story #16Days

In 2017 I was badly beaten by the dad of my children, my partner of 15 years. I was inches away from losing my life. I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. I’d been stabbed and beaten. That’s where I met Kim. Kim was lovely, she was so kind and warm; she made me feel like I was worth more than I was letting myself live with.  

Once I left the hospital I was placed into refuge were Kim came to visit me and my kids quite often to check up on us see how we were getting on. She was great as I had no friends, no family. I felt like I was just plonked in a refuge, like my life had crashed before my eyes. It was Kim who made me see my life was just starting a new chapter, a nicer safer chapter. Kim took me to groups at Ruby @ Turnaround where I met a few lovely ladies. A lady I will never forget is Tina, she ran one of the domestic abuse support groups. I can still hear her voice saying some of the things she talked to us about and it reminds me of how far I have come. I thank Kim and Tina for that.  

My lad, Luke* who is autistic was 12 when he saw that awful attack on his mum by his dad. He was struggling a lot when we got to the refuge he wouldn’t go to school as he wouldn’t leave me on my own. He tried to take on the role of being the dad to his younger siblings and Kim could see how much he had on his shoulders. Through talking to Luke she knew how much he loved Liverpool Football Club. So, one day we got a knock on the door and it was Kim. She had only gone and got him a place in the Jamie Carragher Football Academy. Luke was absolutely over the moon and, he still mentions it now and he’s 16 next week. We have his picture up in his room with his certificate from his time he spent there. Kim brought my kids a load of presents around Christmas on our first Christmas away from our home. Kim made it that little bit more special, knowing we had people who cared for us around us. I will always be thankful for everything Kim done for me and my kids she’s an angel in disguise.

Get domestic  abuse support in Merseyside:

For domestic abuse support you can contact our Ruby @ Turnaround team on 0800 688 9990. Monday to Friday: 9.00am- 10.00pm and Saturday and Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm.