A poem about our Umbrella Centre

Corrine has been coming along to our Umbrella Centre for a few years. The Umbrella Centre is part of our Wellbeing service and, over time, gives people the tools they need to see things from a whole new perspective. Reading this poem from Corrine really sums up just how fantastic the service is, the life-changing impact it has and the super work the team do there. We’re ecstatic that Corrine now has the confidence to talk about all that she’s been through, to face up to her challenges head-on and to be a whole lot stronger and more resilient.

You (PSS and the Umbrella Centre)

Without you I wouldn’t be here today

I wouldn’t have a thing to say

I would be that scared soulless person

Drifting through life alone and lonely


Without you,

Life would be dull, you have given me riches

Life would be dark, you have given me colour

You have opened my world

Given me hope and made me feel wanted

Safe and able to venture into the world


Without you,

I wouldn’t appreciate the marvellous things in life

My children, belonging and fitting in

I wouldn’t be smiling when life is good

I wouldn’t have someone to talk to when life is not


Thank you for what you have done for me

Let me help and put hope in some other person’s life

Let me feel useful with others and pass on

The feeling of compassion you have given me.

By Corinne 


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