Lynn passes on her passion for coaching

We’re so proud to tell you a story this week about how one of our wonderful PSS people, Lynn Robertson, has won a special award for her work and passed on her passion for what she does to one of the women she works with.

Lynn, who works at our Women’s’ Turnaround service, has been given an award by Merseyside Sports Partnership (MSP) and Reach Coaching for her fantastic work as an inspirational female coach.

The award is part of MSP’s #PassOnYourPassion campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the important part female coaches play in getting people involved in sport and hopefully inspire more women to become qualified coaches. Lynn runs a women’s boxing club for the people who use our Women’s Turnaround services.

In the letter they wrote to her, MSP said: ‘We’ve heard incredible things about your work and want to thank you for your contribution as a coach, leader, facilitator, trainer or instructor in Merseyside. We love that you utilise your passion for your sport to inspire others to get involved and make sure they get the most out of their sporting experience. We really wish there were more coaches just like you.’

Last week, Lynn received a certificate to celebrate her achievement and, along with it, the Baton of Passion, to pass on to another inspirational female coach in the making at her boxing class this week. Lynn chose to pass the baton to  one of the women who attends the boxing group.  Lynn said: ‘I feel extremely proud to be nominated by MSP for the great work we do with the girls. Passing on the baton to Stevie is an honour; she deserves it and will make a great coach one day.’

Our service-user was really happy to receive the award and, (tissues at the ready!), tweeted this wonderful message of thanks:


thanks PSS



We’re so proud to have amazing people like Lynn on our team, and we’re really proud of our service-user, too – well done, everyone!

To learn more about this campaign and how the profiles of female coaches are being raised, please visit: