Support workers – Community Support Service

Job Ref:CSSW062024
Location:Across Liverpool
Hours:2x 20hr, 1x 10hrs & 1x 26 hour

Support workers – Community Support Service
Salary: £12.00 per hour
Job Ref No: CSSW062024
Hours: 2x 20hr, 1x 10hrs & 1x 26 hour
Location: Liverpool
Contract type: Permanent

PSS in a nutshell 

 At PSS, we’ve got an important job to do; and that’s to help people make the most of their lives. Whether you’re working directly with the people who use our services, or behind the scenes in one of our offices, every day you’ll be helping to make other people feel happier, healthier and more supported. 

We’re a social enterprise or, as we like to call it – a ‘business with a heart’. This means that all the money we make goes back into finding new ways to help people. Our aim is simple; we want to help people change their lives for the better – no matter what life throws at them. We’ve got offices across Merseyside, Wales, Manchester and the Midlands, where we’re making our stamp. 

What’s our Community Support service all about? 

 Our Community Support service in Liverpool is about empowering people with learning disabilities to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. The people we support shape what their service looks like and how they spend their days; learning, growing and thriving in their local communities. The people who use our services want to make a big contribution to the world we live in. They want to take on roles in the wider community, lead change and influence, and our wonderful teams support them to do just that. 

What you’ll do as a support worker 

We firmly believe that everyone has the power to change not only their own lives, but also the lives of others and to make their communities better for everyone. And, as a support worker, you’ll be the one to unleash that potential in others. You’ll empower people to live happy, healthy and supported lives and get a rewarding feeling in return.  

We need people who are all about: 

Putting your heart and soul into it 

You’ll need to be someone who’s honest and true to themselves who gives their absolute all and believes that their first role is to serve others. You’ll need to be super committed to delivering the right results in the right way – after all, it’s not just about what we do, it’s about the way we do it as well. You’ll be a real go-getter, a positive person who loves what they do and shines when other people shine. 

At PSS our values are really important and aren’t just something written on our website. To be a support worker with us you’ll need live our five values every day, making decisions with them in mind: you’ll be super big-heartedgenuineopen-minded, determined and professional. 

 Being a people person 

At PSS it’s so important that you’re motivated by people and want to support them to be the best they can be. To be an effective support worker it’s important that you: 

  • Understand what someone likes and dislikes and what is important to them. 
  • Make sure support plans are person-centred and set goals to achieve really great outcomes. 
  • Work alongside the people you support to design their own support.  

 Doing things inclusively 

This role’s all about inclusion. It’s about making sure the people we support always have a voice and a choice. You’ll support people in the right way, making sure they shape their service and spend their days exactly how they choose to. You’ll empower people to access the same facilities as anyone else and giving them a choice of lots of community activities and opportunities that help them to develop new skills and be themselves.  

 Being accountable for your actions 

At PSS we believe in doing things the right way, and behaving with integrity. You’ll show you are aware that your actions have an impact on the people you support by: 

    • being compassionate and considerate;  
    • being respectful of their rights, dignity and security;  
    • promoting their voice and rights;  
    • actively listening and responding;  
    • working with an individual at their pace and helping them to understand your actions; and 
    • communicating effectively with people, their relatives, colleagues and other health and social care professionals. 

 Using the resources you have wisely 

We’re a charity and need to make the most of the everything we have. As a support worker, we’ll need you maximise the resources we’ve got – whether it’s our pennies, our time, our skills or our IT. We need people who are creative, who use all the systems we have in place to record and evidence effectively and who understand the value of great support. 

Keeping everything in order 

You’ll need to make sure that all of the great work you do is easy to see and keep track of. We’ll need you to be absolutely ‘on it’ when it comes to monitoring and evidencing outcomes.  

Being the best version of you 

At PSS we believe in something called 70-20-10 learning. That means that 70% of learning comes from first-hand experience, 20% comes from learning from those around us and 10% comes from formal learning like courses and qualifications. 

We’re looking for a driven person who wants to continuously grow and get better at what they do using 70-20-10 learning. Professional development is a big deal at PSS and you’ll need to be up for the challenge of growing and improving for the good of the people we support. Sound like your bag?

In the event that you are offered the role, an Enhanced Disclosure will be required.

Closing date: 17th July 2024

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