Learning and Development

At PSS we believe in developing our staff, carers and supporters so they can make a difference to the lives of everyone who accesses our services. We do this through a structured induction programme for all new starters, internal and external training courses and the opportunity to gain qualifications in the workplace to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need.

All staff at PSS have an individual action plan which includes the learning and development objectives they have identified for the year ahead with their line manager. The range of ways people achieve their objectives include both formal and informal learning opportunities and we encourage staff to develop themselves professionally and personally in order to reach their full potential.

Our values drive both what we do and how we do it for the services we deliver and this applies equally to learning and development. The Learning and Engagement Team works closely with all the PSS teams to identify their learning and development needs and source training solutions to meet them. We recognise that with limited financial resources we have to be creative in how we meet these needs and we are currently looking at how we can use our in-house expertise in areas including safeguarding, health & safety, IT, domestic violence, assertiveness and mindfulness.

The ways we learn at PSS are made up of some of the more classic ways to routes; attending conferences, getting a mentor, shadowing a more senior team member or joining a professional body. We also have some that are slightly different but which work towards building our organisational culture. This include things like: learning to meditate, reading political news each day, watching TED talks and managing a kid’s football team. Although not always directly relevant to an individuals role, we encourage this creativity. If we didn’t, how do we know our team are looking after their own mental health, staying up to date on policy, learning from people with specialist knowledge or ensuring they have the patience and leadership to manage an enthusiastic team?