Our Values

We are big hearted

·We treat people with kindness and consideration

·We look out for others, even when it isn’t our job to do so

·We support people so they can better look after themselves

·We look after ourselves so we are better able to support others

We are genuine

·We are trustworthy

·We behave with integrity

·We do the right things in the right way

·We are committed team players

We are open minded

·We go on a journey with someone – letting their experience lead the way

·We treat people fairly

·We question creatively and follow through with ideas

·We are always learning new ways to make a difference

We are determined

·We are solution focused and make things happen

·We are driven and don’t give up

·We are brave enough to do things differently

·We are passionate about what we do and go the extra mile

We are professional

We do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it

-We take our responsibilities seriously and use our resources wisely

-We show respect to those we work with

-We push the limits, but respect the boundaries