What Our Team Think

Every 18 months we run our ‘tell us’ staff survey. We ask a series of questions recommended by ‘Great Places to Work’, the organisation who publish the 100 Best Workplaces each year. Below we share some of the results with you from our most recent survey.

The five themes of the questions are:

  1. Respect
  2. Fairness
  3. Credibility
  4. Camaraderie
  5. Pride

Our 2013 results

We’re delighted to say that we have improved scores against every single question in our 2013 survey and have met or exceeded our own targets. In some areas we even hit our 2014 targets a year early.

Key results

  • 82% of staff feel they are offered training or development to further themselves professionally
  • 86% of our team believe our senior management is effective and can be trusted to lead PSS
  • The vast majority of questions relating to Credibility scored above 80%.
  • 90% of people believe they are treated fairly in PSS regardless of their position.
  • A Family and Friends score of 37 (we ask the question ‘would you recommend PSS as an employer to your friends or family’). This is a great result as the scale goes from -100 to 100. Those who were promoters (scoring 9 or 10 out of 10) said excellent opportunities, investment in staff, an ethical stance and vision, a warm friendly, caring place to work and enjoying coming to work at PSS as the main reasons for their score). The friends and family score isn’t as simple as percentage, it’s actually made up of quite a complex calculation. To find out more click here.

Comments left at the end of the survey included:

I feel we are a very passionate organisation that deliver excellent services and provide fantastic opportunities/careers for employees

The work ethic here is very good and the team work together to help each other out. Many of the team get on and socialise outside of work and have built up friendships regardless of age or gender. The atmosphere is generally great and coming to work is fulfilling and fun!

You are valued as a person and your skills valued no matter how small

I really am happy with my job. I feel I have total support and that we are encouraged to progress and dream big

I believe PSS is a caring, loyal and trustworthy organisation. Every staff member will go the extra mile to make things happen, make things right, make a difference and make the PSS name be remembered for all the right reasons.

The response rate was 62% up from 43% in the previous year.

Over the next 12-18 months we want to improve our results even more. We plan to:

  • Implement a new career and talent development framework
  • Implement our new internal communications plan including a new intranet
  • Implement the next Learning and Development strategy and plan
  • Widen staff access to ICT via our new business technology strategy
  • Run a staff consultation on our new pay framework
  • Continue our staff health and wellbeing programme including mindfulness and yoga sessions.