Impact Reporting

To get a true idea of our impact we use social impact reporting. We use both in-house team members and external consultants to assess what changes our work is making in terms of people’s outcomes and also savings to public funders.

In early 2014 we finished the first of our formal Impact reporting pilots with our Post Natal Depression service. This helped us to assess the various outcomes for different stakeholders and to find the key indicators which showed where changes had happened. This process is now an ongoing tool for the PND team and they are championing the roll out of ‘PSS’ Social Impact Toolkit’ that they helped to develop across the rest of the teams.

Alongside this we are also looking at introducing a ‘bolt-on’ aspect of Social Return on Investment (SROI) through our work with the specialist team from Liverpool John Moores University and our Quality and Compliance Team.

Currently all of our services provide qualitative feedback and data on the impact of their services which is shared with commissioners regularly. We’ve now started to provide quantitative reports for commissioners and funders to show the social and economic impact of the services we deliver.

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