Commitment to Quality

Across PSS we have a shared view of what quality is. Ask our teams and you’ll be told “it’s what I’d want”, “I’d want it for my mum”, “it’s in everything we do” or “it’s making a better life for people”. Our teams are incredibly proud of the services we offer and every PSS person is committed to providing high quality services.
Each year we conduct a review of quality across our services and from this form a plan for the year ahead. This is owned and driven by our Quality Reference Group which is made up of PSS Staff, Shared Lives Carers and Service Users

PSS has achieved a huge amount in 2016 and we have captured this in our Annual Quality Report which can be found Here

PSS has also signed up to the Driving Up Quality Code for people with learning disabilities, which support us to drive up quality at PSS for people with learning disabilities that goes beyond minimum standards. By carrying out regular self- assessment, and being able to access training, resources and peer support – this will help us to deliver outstanding support to the people we work with, based on best practice and by staff who are passionate about delivering high quality services.

Below we give an overview of what we achieved in 2015-2016 and so far in 2016-2017

Our Approach to Quality
Recent years have seen a number of new quality initiatives within PSS.
• The development of the Quality and Compliance Team
• The refresh of the PSS Quality Assurance Framework– Achieving Excellence which outlines our Quality Management Model and our 10 Quality Standards
• These PSS quality standards form the basis for quality reviews – a process which is used to help service managers reflect on the quality of their own delivery. They map across regulatory standards.
• Carrying out service user, Shared Lives carers, supporter and commissioner surveys
• The development of a new complaints system including the creation of an easy read complaints leaflet – designed with the help of our service users
• A review of current policies. This has involved reorganising policies, updating key policies and deleting policies that were not serving any purpose.
• A refresh of safeguarding and incident reporting practices within PSS to develop a best practice model, with simplified forms and procedures
• Further development of our Impact Reporting  processes
• Adding value and encouraging creative thinking by investing in Mindfulness and Coaching courses for our managers and senior support staff.

Our Plans for the future 

The Quality Reference Group and the Quality and Compliance Team have agreed the following objectives for 2017

  • To develop an Engagement Toolkit for PSS, giving practical advice, tools and templates on different ways to engage with staff and service users; with real case studies of ‘what works’ from across PSS 31st March 2017
  • To ensure that every service has a tailored ‘Quality Review’, taking into account the service they deliver and any published evidence-based quality standards on what works. The new process will also incorporate Health and Safety checklists, and sense checks of staff understanding of key policies and procedures (such as safeguarding and information governance) Ongoing
  • Develop a section of Dottie titled ‘Quality Resources’ which will have a library of tools and support for managers and staff 31st March 2017
  • By the end of the year, to have five sections of the ‘Quality Resource’ aligned with the CQC domains which will link to the inspection KLOE’s 31st December 2017
  • To work with Leadership Team and develop a plan for the next steps of Impact Reporting at PSS. 28th February 2017
  • To carry out a focused Medication Audit at Supported Living, Shared Lives and Day Centres venues, and report the findings to the Board of Trustees. 31st March 2017
  • To explore options for peer reviewing and involving expert by experience in quality processes. 30th May 2017
  • To build a network of quality leads across similar organisations to provide peer support. Ongoing
  • To carry out a focused refresh of PSS’s approach to the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, following the Law Commissions review and draft Bill. Initial meeting in January 2017 Ongoing development in line with legislation.
  • To build relationships with other organisations who have achieved ‘Outstanding’ ratings in order to learn from best practice. Ongoing
  • To develop a PSS-wide approach to monitoring interactions with commissioners in response to the first commissioner survey results, which can then be reported quarterly to the Board of Trustees. 31st March 2017
  • To continue to refine the approach to the surveys, particularly the supporters surveys, to maximise the returns next year and ensure continued high scores. 31st July 2017