Meet the coaches

Meet Laura 

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m the head of learning and development at PSS. I’m passionate about supporting others to learn, progress and develop – coaching is very much a part of that process. I get a real buzz out of seeing people grow and flourish. 

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Meet Sharon 

Hi everyone, I’m Sharon. I’m the director of people and finance. I’m a born analyst whether that be people or numbers. I love to get to the truth or help people get to their truth by doing so we can maximise potential in the individual or the organisation’s balance sheet.  

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Meet Harriet 

Hello, I’m Harriet and I’m the director of operations at PSS.  I’ve been managing people in one form or another for twenty something years and I’m passionate about working with people to help them meet their full potential.  For me, coaching is an amazing way for people to learn how to change the way they work and feel, using their own resources and ideas. 

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Meet Michelle 

I’m Michelle, I’ve been with PSS for over 30 years now, starting as a school leaver. I’ve had various roles here which has really kept me interested and challenged including front-of-house duties, payroll and admin; all leading to my current role as head of people and culture. My 20 years’ experience in management and HR and a wide experience in employment law and employee relations involves me giving advice, guidance and coaching to lots of different people across PSS in central and operational teams. I love being part of an organisation that makes a difference.   

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