Ways to look after your wellbeing in and out of work 

We’re so proud of the life-changing work our teams do in supporting people to feel happier, healthier and more able to manage their mental health. Whether you’re working on the frontline or behind-the-scenes in one of our regional offices you’re a big part of this. Whilst giving back to others and being the big-hearted bunch you are, it’s so important that you take care of yourselves too – you can’t pour from an empty cup after all. We’ve got lots of wellbeing resources available to help you feel your best whether you’re feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, you can’t explain how you’re feeling or you’re facing some challenges inside or outside of work.

Want some confidential support from someone who cares? 

Use our Employee Assistance Programme for support with all sorts 

This is our free confidential health and wellbeing support service. All staff can use this to get support with things like, stress, bereavement, relationship difficulties, family issues, anxiety, emotional challenges, health and wellbeing. You can chat to a qualified counsellor on a 24-hour confidential telephone support line. You can also get debt, financial and legal support. 

How to use the Employee Assistance Programme  

Call: 0800 072 0353 

Access online by clicking here and enter code 71743 as your username and password. 

Download MyMindPal, an online interactive mental fitness tool by going to the app store (Apple phone) or Play store (Android) and searching for MyMindPal.  

 For mental health support contact Able Futures 

Able Futures is a free confidential service offered by the Department for Work and Pensions for people who need mental health support whether they have a mental health diagnosis or not. 

Chat online every Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm or Saturday 9am – 1pm.  

Access Able Futures by clicking here.


Looking for ways to manage your own mental health and wellbeing? 

Manage stress, anxiety and depression with Silvercloud 

Silvercloud is an online tool to help you manage stress, anxiety and depression. There are programmes on there to support you with things like: 

  • Stress management  
  • Better sleep  
  • Becoming more resilient  

To sign up, follow this link and use the sign-up code NHS2020.

Support to be calm, be healthy, be creative and manage emotions on UpbeatLiverpool.com 

Upbeat Liverpool is updated with fresh daily resources produced by the PSS Wellbeing Centre team, our peer supporters and other friends and partners in the mental health and wellbeing sector. You can access resources to be calm, be creative, be healthy and manage your emotions here: www.upbeatliverpool.com 

 The website also gives details of other local and national agencies you can contact if you need support with your mental health and wellbeing here.

Support for social care workers with Skills for Care 

Skills for Care’s Building Your Own Resilience health and wellbeing guide is for anyone working in adult social care. It explains what resilience is and gives you strategies to help you recognise and cope with pressure and stress, including ways to:  

  • relax; 
  • manage your thoughts and emotions; 
  • become more self-aware; 
  • look after your physical and mental health; and  
  • get the right work-life balance. 

You can access and download it here.

Skills for Care also have a number of free webinars available at a click of a button for you to watch whenever you like. These webinars include end of life care, managing bereavement, using technology to support the people you care for and much more. Click here to access.

Free learning courses on mental health and wellbeing through Future Learn 

Future Learn offer courses around mental health on things like: 

  • understanding depression and low mood; 
  • workplace wellbeing; 
  • stress and productivity at work; 
  • practicing gratitude; and 
  • understanding suicide and suicide prevention. 

To access click here. 

Wellbeing tips, tools and learning from our learning and development team 

Our awesome learning and development team don’t just support our teams to be the best version of themselves professionally; they’re also our leads on wellbeing at PSS and supporting you to feel happy and healthy inside and outside of work.  

The team share resources like: 

  • free yoga and meditation sessions; 
  • tips on being active and healthy for mental wellbeing; and  
  • free training for staff and people we support. 

How to see and access these resources 

Check out the Wellbeing channel on Teams which the team update regularly 

Look out for Wellbeing Wednesday updates via email 

Check out the Loop every week straight to your email inbox  

Check out Learning Pool