Stay Well Campaign

Having the best mental health possible is vital to ensuring people have a good quality of life. Therefore we encourage people to mix their work/life balance, expand their horizons and ultimately be mindful every day.

Text: In 2013 the PSS management team all underwent a Mindfulness training course. This was new to the majority of the team but not to those working in our Wellbeing Centres supporting people with mental health issues including anxiety and depression. For a number of years taking time for yourself and being able to move on from issues, living in the moment has been key to successful mental health interventions.

In 2014 to mark World Mental Health day we launched our #staywell Twitter campaign encouraging people to share what they do to look after their own mental health. So far we’ve heard everything from eating chocolate and seeing friends to walking the dog, art journaling and volunteering. Staying Well is important for everyone and most importantly having the opportunities to have new experiences and feel good about life is key to this.

All of our Wellbeing Centres have the principle of ‘doing what’s right for me to Stay Well’ at their heart and we aim to share these ideas and experiences more widely to encourage others to do the same.