Chief executive

Location:Liverpool (with travel to other PSS sites across England and Wales)
Hours:Full time

We’re on the hunt for someone kind, compassionate and with oodles of heart to come and be our new CEO. We want someone who loves to get to know people, to get stuck in, and lead by shining example. If you’d love to come and join our happy team, walk alongside us and take us on new adventures, check out this amazing role.

First things first, let’s hear from the most important people – the people we support* – and what they want from our new CEO.

*Just so you know, the voice-over bits in this video are from Emma and Gemma, who really wanted to tell you what they think, but don’t want to be identified on the internet.

Sound like you?

Our current CEO is retiring after 14 wonderful years of being captain of the good ship PSS. We’ve loved working along side her and she’s been truly amazing, but now we’re on the hunt for someone new to come along and take the wheel, plot their course and take us on some new and exciting adventures.

What you’ll do

Make stuff happen

As our big boss, working alongside the Board of Trustees, people we support, the PSS team, Shared Lives carers, volunteers and senior managers, you’ll be in charge of developing and putting our Big Plan into action, making sure we’ve got clear sight of what’s important and that we’re moving in the right direction. You’ll spread the word about what our plan is across the organisation in a way that everyone understands and can get behind, helping people feel part of something special.

Listen closely

The people we support are our reason for doing what we do, and they’re the only ones who know what it’s like to be them, so it’ll be your job to make sure we’re really listening to what they have to say, letting their voices guide the development of new services and the way we do things round here. You’ll support our fab director of operations, Harriet, to make sure what we do is the best it can be, and if it’s not, work to change that.

Dot our Is and cross our Ts

You’ll need to work closely with our brilliant Board, keeping them in-the-know about all things PSS so that they can make important decisions based on info that’s accurate and timely. You’ll support our trustees so that PSS does everything in line with good governance, charity law and other statutory responsibilities.

We have some services in Wales, so you’ll also be our Responsible Individual for Care Institute Wales.

Lead by example

 We need you to lead by example, living all the PSS values day in, day out, and encouraging others to do that, too. You’ll be an approachable, down-to-earth leader who gets behind people and celebrates their individuality.

Make sure PSS is a great place to work

You’ll work with our managers to make sure PSS’s culture is going strong, and that people continue to love what they do and feel part of our big team.

 Help us grow and get better at what we do

 We’ll need you to work with Sarah, our head of growth and great ideas, to make sure that PSS is always thinking bigger – whether that’s about making mighty changes or tiny tweaks that make a big difference.

You’ll also need to have lots of ambition for PSS, working with our ace business development team to put your vision carefully into the right opportunities for growth.

You’ll develop great networks to raise PSS’s profile, and to make sure that the organisation is in a good place to take advantage of opportunities.

Making sure PSS is somewhere everyone feels like they belong is a big part of what we want to do. We’ll need you to drive change wherever it’s needed, making PSS a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organisation.

 Help us spread the word – and protect our rep

 Working closely with Lisa, our head of communications, you’ll be the spokesperson for PSS, helping to protect our reputation. You’ll also be our cheerleader in the media, not afraid to take the spotlight to spread the word about the ace work we do, and why it’s important.

Stories are mega important. You’ll work with the communications team to make storytelling a priority in the organisation, so we can make sure we’re able to show the impact we’ve made.  You’ll embrace our brand and house style, making sure everyone across PSS understands its importance and sticks to it.

Stand up for what we believe in

 You’ll be a leader in our sector, working with others to influence the wider social care and criminal justice agendas.

 Be a top tier line manager

With kindness, patience and compassion, you’ll give the four people you line manage high support, but also high challenge, helping them grow and stretch to be the best version of themselves. You’ll do this in line with PSS’s performance management framework, our Be Brilliant competency and values framework, and other important PSS policies.

 Build brilliant relationships

 Our current structure and culture means our CEO is super visible right across PSS, and building great relationships – and trust – with people we support, the Board, the PSS team, Shared Lives carers and volunteers is a really important part of the role. You’ll make sure everyone knows their value, and that they have an important role to play.

 Get in amongst it

 You’ll take time to go and see what’s happening in our services, taking an interest in the work of our teams and what the people we support are up to.

 Look after our pennies

 We’ll need you to work with Sharon, our director of finance and people, to oversee budget setting and the review of financial performance, so that PSS is financially secure and is spending its money on the right things. You’ll make sure that every penny counts, so that PSS is cost-effective and provides the best value for money.

What we’re looking for

Here are some other things you’ll need to succeed:

Your qualifications and training

 You’ll need:

  • A degree, or comparable experience
  • A management qualification or comparable experience
  • Evidence of continuing professional development

Your approach

We’re looking for someone who’s:

  • collaborative, good at working with people and through people;
  • a real role model when it comes to what a fabulous leader looks like;
  • able to take the rough with the smooth, and deal with the ups and downs of leading an organisation like ours;
  • big-hearted;
  • determined;
  • open-minded;
  • genuine; and
  • professional

Your skills

This one’s for you if you:

  • see how the little things make a bigger picture;
  • are a diplomat (you don’t have to work for the foreign office, but be able to have difficult conversations in a tactful way);
  • be brilliantly organised so that you can work calmly under pressure and meet tight deadlines;
  • are a bit creative;
  • have ace communication skills and can explain complex things simply, to people at all levels, so that they understand and get on board;
  • can bring people with you using your influencing skills;
  • have top-notch management skills, motivating and developing your teammates through high-challenge and high-support;
  • think commercially (we’re a business with a heart), taking a business approach to risks and opportunities in the third sector
  • be switched on when it comes to politics (with a big P and a little p);
  • are super professional, particularly when working with external partners and customers; and
  • able to deal effectively with difficult situations of all shapes and sizes.

 Your knowledge

 You might be for us if you:

  • understand person-centred support and are committed to this type of working;
  • know about the important challenges and opportunities within the health, social care and criminal justice sectors;
  • are up-to-date on what’s happening in social care commissioning and monitoring
  • know what’s need when working in a regulated environment;
  • understand equity, diversity and inclusion: the challenges and the opportunities

Your experiences

 It’s important that you’ve:

  •  created growing, thriving organisations;
  • been successful while in an influential role in a complex organisation (bonus points if it was in social care, health or criminal justice, but it’s ok if not);
  • lots of experience in leading, developing and delivering cross-organisational plans that make change happen;
  • given advice and exercised judgement at Board or senior manager level;
  • got a great track record of building partnerships through developing great, effective relationships (a network in one of more of our geographical areas would be a good thing);
  • got successful experience of developing teams where people are achieving fantastic things in a positive, values-led and inclusive cultures.

How to apply

We’re working with our friends Lucy and Philip at Peridot Partners to find someone perfect for this role.

For a full job description and person specification, and info about how to apply, head on over to the Peridot website.

The job closes at 9am on 24th June.

We can’t wait to meet you!