We rely on a bank of volunteers across the UK to help keep our services running. As a third sector organisation we run on a tight budget and this means that additional support us always gladly accepted.

Our volunteers range from community gardeners to customer service staff and they include both people inside and outside of our own services. Sometimes getting involved in our PSS volunteer programme is the first bit of formal work our volunteers have undertaken in a while and for some it’s all part of a new venture into a career in the third sector. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get involved you don’t need to have previous experience. You just have to be keen to take part in our training programme and committed to finding the place you fit in the organisation in terms of skills and your own interests.

Take a look at our opportunities and, if you think one is the right role for you, please return the form to:

PSS Supporter Opportunities, 24 Derby Road, Liverpool, L5 9PR 

At the moment we require hard copies of the forms, but over the coming months we’ll be making it possible to return the forms electronically.

PSS I’m Interested Form

PSS Supporters Equality Data Request Form

PSS Supporter Opportunities