How is our money spent?

As a charity we often rely on the kindness of organisations and individuals to keep our services going, take them to the next level and add a little bit more support to those using our services. Below are some examples of what a financial gift could buy for our services and the people using them. If you can make a contribution to our work and help us to achieve our mission please contact our or use this link.

Funding opportunities 2014

Day out for our Young Carers – £500

Holistic Therapy session for a mum with PND – £40

Weekend away for a dementia carer – £200

£150 – Course of CBT sessions for someone with mental health issues

£35 – Buses for a month to get someone with a disability to volunteer

£10 – Cost per child to take children with a parent in prison for a fun night out.

£650 – Support for a women suffering from domestic violence for 6 weeks.

£100 – visit for a child to see mum or dad in prison

£60 – Cost to buy child with a troubled parent a school uniform

£25 – Cost to buy a child with a troubled parent a toy that encourages learning

Innovation investment opportunities 2018

As an organisation with a focus on innovation we’re always looking for people and organisations to invest in our big ideas. At any one time we have two or three fresh ideas that we’re looking to grant and trust bodies for funding for. If you are interested in helping us please contact us at We always recognise a funder who supports a pilot project throughout our publicity and share the successes of work that goes on to be commissioned more widely with our investor.

Our priorities at this time include: strengthening troubled families, improving mental health and reducing social isolation