Advocates and Ambassadors

Of the thousands of people we’ve supported over recent years we have a good percentage who want to give something back. This might be because we’ve helped them and they want to thank us, but it also might be because they remember the situation they were in and don’t want anyone else to feel the same.

Our Advocates and Ambassadors are people with personal experience of certain challenges and/or the profile and connections to help others understand what those in need are going through.

As a rule our Ambassadors are people who are well known in the local area or field in which they are showing their support. They may have suffered from a mental health problem personally, have a family member with a disability or just be from a certain city or town with a desire to help those nearby.

Our Advocates on the other hand tend to have had direct experience of one of the fields of our work and in many cases they’ve actually use our services. These people can advocate for what we do because they know what we’re about and they can vouch for the work we do. Advocates don’t need to have local profiles, national fame or lots of money in the bank. They’re people who have been in the same shoes as those people entering our services and they’re there to help others find the way through our door and wherever possible back out again