When you’re a new or expectant parent or carer living in Liverpool (Parent-Baby Relationships)

Parenting – especially being a new parent or carer – can be really hard. And when life’s feeling difficult in general for one reason or another, or when we’re going through something traumatic, it can be even harder.  

If you’ve experienced or are experiencing difficult things, it might also feel difficult to bond with your baby, feel like you’re not sure how to help them develop, or feel like there’s too much pressure on you. Our Parent-Baby Relationships service is here to work with you and the professional team around you to help you develop a strong, healthy, happy relationship with your baby. 

What is the PSS Parent-Baby Relationships service? 

PSS Parent-Baby Relationships is a service in Liverpool that supports parents and carers to develop strong and healthy relationships with their babies; keeping them safe, helping them enjoy life together and forming strong and positive bonds. We focus on keeping you and your baby safe and supporting you to form good relationships with your baby so that they reach their full potential. We can work with families from the start of the pregnancy to when your baby reaches 18-months old.  

How can we help? 

We’ve got a skilled and experienced team who can offer one-to-one and group support to new mums, dads and carers. 

Our team can help you to understand your baby and their needs and how to best respond to these. We do this by getting to know you and your baby and any challenges you may be experiencing or personal situations you may need support with, like: 

  • managing any birth trauma; 
  • getting to know your baby as an individual and how to support them best; 
  • understanding your baby’s development needs; and  
  • practical support and advice on issues like housing and money. 

We can support you with: 

  • building a strong and healthy connection with your family;
  • understanding what your baby is asking for even when they can’t talk with words; 
  • keeping your baby safe and well; 
  • reflecting on your own experiences and how these may affect the way you parent; and
  • planning your future around your baby’s needs. 

We might be able to offer group or individual therapy to you and your family, like: 

  • parent and infant psychotherapy to support you with any anxieties you might be feeling around caring for your baby;
  • family therapy to support the whole-family relationship and wellbeing;
  • video guidance to help you better understand how you connect with your baby; and/or 
  • rewind therapy to manage any post-traumatic stress you may be experiencing as a parent, including birth trauma. 

We work alongside other professionals like midwives, health visitors, children’s centre staff, early help staff and social workers, to support you and your family in the most effective way. 

Can I get support from Parent-Baby Relationships? 

 To start working with you, we’ll need you to be referred by a social work or healthcare professional. 

Get in touch: 

For more information about PSS Parent-Baby Relationships, contact our team on: 

Call: 0151 702 5535