Parent and Baby Wellness

When you’re a new or expectant parent/carer living in Liverpool experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression (Parent and Baby Wellness)

What is PSS Parent and Baby Wellness? 

PSS Parent and Baby Wellness is a service in Liverpool that supports parents and carers who are experiencing challenges surrounding pregnancy, birth and parenthood, during pregnancy and the first two years of your baby’s life. 

How can we help? 

We’ve got a skilled and experienced team who can offer one-to-one and group support to new mums, dads and carers.  

Our team can help you to manage difficult feelings during pregnancy and for the first 2 years of your baby’s life, including depression or anxiety that happens during or after pregnancy. 

We can support you during or after your pregnancy if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: 

  • A regular sad, anxious or ‘empty’ mood. 
  • Feelings of guilt and hopelessness. 
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and activities. 
  • Struggling to enjoy your experience with your baby. 

The ways we can support you 

Our team will take the time to understand you and your family and find ways to support you in a way that works for you. 

Some of the support options we offer: 

  • Enhanced listening – using music to manage your mood.  
  • Support with self-esteem and confidence building.  
  • Education on perinatal and postnatal depression to help you understand what you are experiencing and find ways to manage it. 
  • Relaxation and mindfulness exercises to support more positive mental health and wellbeing. 
  • Signposting to other groups and services where you can meet other people with shared experiences in your local community. 

We can support you with:  

  • Feeling happier and more mentally well during pregnancy or in the first two years of your baby’s life. 
  • Building stronger, healthier relationships with your baby so that they get the best start in life.  

 Can I get support from Parent and Baby Wellness? 

If you’re a new or expectant parent or carer living in Liverpool who is experiencing mental health challenges related to becoming a parent, our service could support you.  

Get in touch: 

For more information about Parent and Baby Relationships, contact our team on: 

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