Left Behind

Left Behind: free training for schools to help you understand the needs of prisoners’ children

Left Behind is a free programme of training and development for teachers and other professionals, to help you understand and support children at your school who have a parent in prison.

The hidden population at your school

The number of children affected by parental imprisonment is growing. It’s estimated that around 200-250,000 children in the UK, from all walks of life, have a parent in prison. But due to stigma and shame, these children are a hidden population – they’re little understood and generally unsupported, often feeling left behind at school. You can help us change that.

By developing a network of Prisoners’ Children’s Champions in schools across Merseyside and Greater Manchester, we want to help these children feel supported and better able to cope with the challenges they are facing.

Nominate a teacher from your school to become a Champion for prisoners’ children

Nominate a teacher from your school to become a Prisoners’ Children’s Champion and help us change the lives of a hidden population of children in Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

All Champions will then have access to our free Left Behind training programme, which includes a half-day training event and a webinar.

How will nominating a Champion to take part in Left Behind training benefit your school?

• Support your school safeguarding policy
• Likely to reduce bullying and intimidation
• Improves retention and attainment
• Contributes to creating a positive school culture

All Champions will attend a free half-day of Left Behind training on one of these dates:

16th January 2018
at the OpenShaw Campus, The Manchester College, L11.

24th January 2018
at Hope Park, Liverpool Hope University, L16.

7th February 2018
at Hope Park, Liverpool Hope University, L16

What happens at the Left Behind training session?

At the half-day training session, Champions will learn about how best to support children who have parents in prison and, through extension activities and directive learning, will be given a clear understanding of their role and the responsibilities that come with it, ensuring all Champions feel able to offer improved support to each child impacted.

Take part in the Left Behind webinar

When your school’s Champion has been on our half-day training session, your school will be able to access the online Left Behind webinar, which will be available to all staff at you school and can be used alongside an accompanying resource pack we will provide you with. Your school’s Champion will be able to assist colleagues with any questions they may have after taking part in the webinar, and any they cannot answer they will have the opportunity to direct a query or question to a PSS or Novus expert.

Who would make a good Prisoners’ Children’s Champion?  

Please choose the people you nominate to become Champions wisely. Champions should ideally be:

• motivated and enthusiastic about helping prisoners’ children;
• non-judgemental;
• empathetic and supportive;
• open-minded;
• able to share and disseminate information across the staff team; and
• sensitive to the needs of vulnerable populations.

Get involved!

We really hope your school will take part in this exciting and important opportunity and help make a difference to the lives of prisoners’ children in Merseyside and
Greater Manchester.

To take part, email: leftbehind@pss.org.uk