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Shared Lives

Shared Lives (or Adult Placement as it is also known) is a form of support where vulnerable adults and young people over 16 live at home with a specially recruited and trained carer and their family. The service runs in a similar way to a Foster placement, but this service is specifically designed for adults and young people.

Our service is fully focused around choice and independence. We encourage each individual to get involved in the decision of where they live and plan our matches carefully, so that both the carer and person using the service feel happy before the arrangement is made.

PSS formed the first service of its kind in Liverpool over 30 years ago but today it is nationwide and run by many different organisations. For us the service has shown real results, creating positive lifestyles for vulnerable adults and it now provides nearly one fifth of support for adults with a learning disability in the UK.

We currently Shared Lives services in Liverpool, St Helens, Knowsley, the Wirral, North Wales, Staffordshire, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Manchester, the Isle of Man, Norfolk and Suffolk.

At PSS we manage the service from the start, we recruit and train carers, we gain a strong understanding of the needs of those wishing to use the service and alongside those involved we match the two together. We offer a programme of training and support for our carers, which helps maintain high levels of support and most importantly we are there 24/7 to help our carers along the way. Find out more about becoming a carer here.

Who can use the Shared Lives or Adult Placement service?

This service provides support for people who cannot, at the time they start using our service, support themselves fully. They may have a learning or physical disability, a mental health problem or they may have recently left the more formal care system. The age range of our service users goes from 16 and there is no age limit, so we really do provide a service for all levels of need and all stages of life.

What are the benefits over other forms of care?

Shared Lives or Adult Placement is truly unique because it allows individuals who may not be fully able to live on their own the chance to experience independence. These individuals can live in a safe environment, which PSS has approved and with carers who are trained to deal with their individual needs. Because each carer family is different and each user of our services is too, we can truly ensure we plan for each individual. No one size fits all and no two families are the same.

Aside from the personal advantages of this service, in terms of providing a family environment, safety, support and independence, Shared Lives or Adult Placement has significant cost savings for each individual. It is estimated that being part of the service can save at least £13,000 per annum per person in comparison to residential care and supported living and in some areas this figure is much higher.




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"The work you a have done is outstanding, I cannot emphasise enough how impressed I am with Rob's progress"

Social Worker, Liverpool.

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