Family impact: drug and alcohol addiction

We support families in Merseyside through the drug and alcohol recovery process

At PSS, we offer a specialist service to support whole families who are affected by drugs and alcohol addiction.

Our highly experienced team works on a one-to-one or group basis with those affected by addiction, and the grandparent or carer providing care to the children in the family.

Parents who are misusing drugs or alcohol will have access to a programme of sessions looking at triggers, relationships, self-esteem and other key factors in addiction; our Family Links Nurturing Programme; and advice about other drug and alcohol services.

Children and young people are given access to:

  • one-to-one support;
  • group peer support;
  • therapeutic sessions; and
  • lots of fun activities designed to lighten the load and let them be young.

Grandparents and carers who care for children affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse are given access to:

  • group peer support;
  • outreach support
  • inspiring and practical talks from guest speakers;
  • family outings;
  • information and guidance on issues like housing, budgeting, health and wellbeing; and
  • family recovery programmes.

What are the benefits?

  • Our ‘whole family’ approach means everyone affected is supported from all angles
  • We help battle the stigma and feelings of shame surrounding drug and alcohol addiction, giving people the freedom to talk openly, without judgement, to people who understand
  • Families feel less isolated after meeting others who are experiencing the same things and support each other
  • Families feel understood and better able to cope – which leads to a better sense of wellbeing

Kelly’s story

Kelly and her family were referred to our service via social services, after she was reported to be drinking every day. This was having a huge impact on her children’s wellbeing, hygiene and daily living.

Kelly initially came to us because of her statuary plan, and at first didn’t want to. After a number of months of getting to know her and the children, and after they all started coming along to the groups, workshops and nurturing sessions, they started to make significant changes.

Kelly addressed the issues that had led to her drinking, becoming more confident and self-aware. She was involved in a creative writing group and some of her pieces were published in a book called ‘A Splash of Triumph’, which features stories from parents who are in the same boat.

Kelly has since gone on into employment and has positive relationships with all her family members. The children feel more relaxed, have a stable routine and have a positive role model as they have seen the continued positive changes in Kelly, and can see the determination she had to make a happy family home. She told us: ‘I used to have to come here, now I love coming’. 

How to make a referral

Professionals can refer using our referral form. For more information, please contact Rachel McCluskey: