Domestic abuse support (Ruby@Turnaround)

Ruby@Turnaround is a domestic abuse service that supports women in Liverpool, St Helens, Knowsley and Sefton to make positive choices that are right for them

We provide specialist planned and crisis support to women who are experiencing domestic abuse. Our team can support women of all levels of risk in a safe and women-only space.

We know that many women in the criminal justice system are or have been victims of domestic abuse, and we’re able to provide tailored support to these women.

Our main aim is to:

  • prevent harm to women and children;
  • support women to recognise the signs of escalating behaviours;
  • give women techniques to stay safe; and
  • empower women to lead independent safer lives.

How does our Ruby@Turnaround domestic abuse service work?

Women referred to our Ruby@Turnaround service receive a complete package of one-to-one support with:

  • Safety planning including crisis support
  • Advocacy
  • Support through the criminal justice system
  • Help finding emergency accommodation
  • Support with civil or family matters
  • Wellbeing advice
  • Signposting for specific needs
  • Court support
  • Support at other appointments
  • Counselling
  • practical steps to protect themselves and their children
  • represent clients wishes at MARAC

What are the benefits of referring a woman to our Ruby@Turnaround service? 

  • Our team are incredibly experienced in supporting women with emotional and practical difficulties towards a future that is positive and safe.
  • We work with current and historical abuse across all risk levels.
  • We’re here to provide options that are suitable to the individual needs of our women; including creating safety plans and offering emotional and practical support.
  • Women can access our women’s only centre accessing a number of other services under one roof, including solicitors, debt advice, mental health drop in and a wide range of groups.
  • All clients have access to wider PSS services including Family Impact, Prisoners’ Families and Parent and Baby Wellness.
  • Each woman has access to in-house counselling.
  • As well as providing planned support, we can also support clients in crisis.
  • We work closely with partner organisations to provide ongoing support for the women referred to us.
  • We’ll offer support to our clients for as long as they need it.

Making a referral

Refer someone to Ruby@Turnaround by contacting one of the team on 0151 702 5500 or emailing our secure email on