Parent and Baby Wellness

Parent and Baby Wellness

Support for new and expectant parents/carers experiencing perinatal depression in Liverpool

The PSS Parent and Baby Wellness service supports new and expectant parents and carers in Liverpool who are experiencing perinatal or postnatal depression and anxiety. We focus on helping them build strong, happy and healthy relationships with their babies. 

We work with parents during pregnancy and during the first two years of their child’s life. This early and preventative work can contribute to a reduction of issues in later life and give children the best start.  

How does the PSS Parent and Baby Wellness service support new and expectant parents/carers experiencing perinatal and postnatal depression? 

The main objectives of the service are: 

  • increasing awareness and educating new and expectant parents/carers in perinatal and postnatal depression so they can understand and manage what they are experiencing better; 
  • providing space for parents and carers to think about their relationship with their children and consider any changes they want to make; 
  • reducing the levels of depression and anxiety in new and expectant parents and carers; and 
  • improving new and expectants parents’ and carers’ relationships with their children. 

We provide community-based perinatal and postnatal depression support, with sessions delivered on a one-to-one or group basis. The service will provide a minimum number of six-to-eight contact sessions with clients, allocated on the basis of need. 

One-to-one support options: 

  • Enhanced listening 
  • Self-esteem and confidence building 
  • Education about post-natal depression 
  • Support with any bonding and attachment issues 
  • Relaxation, mindfulness and signposting to other services 

Group support options: 

  • Parents can choose to attend a six-week Mums Matter course.   
  • Signposting to other relevant courses delivered in the local community.  

How the PSS Parent and Baby Wellness service supports new and expectant parents/carers to form stronger relationships with their children 

We explore how parent/carer and baby interact with each-other and support them with building healthier relationships.  

The PSS Parent and Baby Wellness service works in partnership with other services in the city to promote close family bonds and secure attachments. This includes joint work with other appropriate services to support clients, for example, the enhanced midwifery team, CAMHS and social services. 

Our team works with other professionals in order to ensure that we deliver consistent public health messages and that we safeguard vulnerable adults and children. 

The benefits of making a referral to the PSS Parent and Baby Wellness service 

  • Support parents/carers to form healthy, secure bonds with their children 
  • Help reduce the risk of adverse childhood experiences 
  • Partnership working with other professionals across different services 
  • We provide person-centred support and treat all parents/carers we meet as individuals 
  • Support provided by an incredibly experienced team of therapists and specialist practitioners 

How do we assess what type of support families need? 

 We use something called keys to interactive parenting (KIPS) to make our assessments. By filming how a parent/carer interacts with their baby, we can watch for 12 key facets of parenting (KIPS) and make our assessments. We can then use our observations to work in partnership with families to promote parent and baby relationships, promote learning and support confidence. 

KIPS helps us to: 

  • understand and build on the positive behaviours a parent shows which can bring balance to the ‘problems’ a child/parent might be getting help for;
  • provide a framework to work from in identifying relational goals; and
  • find ways to support a parent in being more responsive to their child.


Making a referral to PSS Parent and Baby Wellness  

 To make a referral, please get in touch with our team. 

Call: 0151 702 5535