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Our volunteers form a vital part of the PSS engine, they help us to achieve our vision and tell us that they get a lot back in the process.

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Become an ambassador

If you’re someone who’s well known, and you fancy using your visibility or platform to help people find their way to us, we’d love you to get in touch. All we want to do is reach as many people in need as we can, and if you can help us do that, we’d be made up.

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Become an advocate

Sometimes, you just don’t understand until you’ve been there yourself; and that’s where our wonderful gang of PSS advocates come in. They’re a group of people who have come through an experience in their lives with our help and want to help other people who are going through similar things, by being there for them at the beginning of their journeys with us. They vouch for what we do, and help people find their way through our doors and, hopefully and wherever possible, back out again when they’ve reached their goals.

If we’ve helped you on your journey and you want to help spread the word to others in need, we’d love you to become a PSS advocate.

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